Friday, May 24, 2013

Encore Express Starter Kit

The Encore Express kit is a good way to get started with a good price

All Encore starter kits come with an industry leading lifetime warranty
The Express Starter Kit Contains: 
(1) - Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette 
(2) - Tobacco or Menthol cartridges 
(1) - USB Charger (Wall Adapter sold separately)

They come in both menthol and tobacco flavors as well as in a 1 menthol and 1 tobacco combo kit!!!

This is available at - Encore Express Starter Kit

The Electronic Cigarette with a Lifetime Warranty!!!!

There are many electronic cigarette companies out there.  But none of them except for Encore have a Lifetime Warranty on there product.  Having a cartridge with no battery is like having no lighter for a regular cigarette.  Once you purchase your original Encore Battery than you never have to purchase another one.  Unless of course you loose it,  it gets damaged, or you purchase another one because having a extra charged battery is always handy!!!  Contact them today and they will be happy to get you started with the best Electronic cigarette company.  Encore Vapor